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​Standardized and classroom assessments provide students, teachers, and parents with information about how well a student is learning essential knowledge and skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Data from these assessments also help teachers and administrators identify students who would benefit from additional or different learning opportunities, improve classroom instruction for students, identify areas of focus for school and district improvement efforts, and monitor progress toward the District Goal of increasing academic achievement for every student. We invite you to learn more about the different assessments our students take by selecting one or more of the links below.

Private school and home school students who receive instruction in tested subjects at Oregon public schools are required to take the Oregon statewide assessment in those subjects. Private and homeschool students who do not receive instruction in a subject are exempt from taking the Oregon statewide assessment in that subject.

The District is offering the opportunity for home schooled students to take the Oregon statewide assessment at our central office, in the IT training lab, on April 27 (9am-3pm) and April 28 (11am-4pm). If you would like to have your student attend, please contact Kay Jenkins (503.356.4594) to make arrangements. Seating is limited, and a ten-day notice is required. ​​


  • Jon Bridges - Administrator for Accountability
  • Ken Struckmeier - Administrator for Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment
  • Jared Cordon - Administrator for Elementary Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment


​General Information
Standardized Testing
​Classroom Assessment

Grade Level Assessment Guides


Kindergarten Quick Ref. Guide

Grade 1 Quick Ref. Guide

Grade 2 Quick Ref. Guide

Grade 3 Quick Ref. Guide

Grade 4 Quick Ref. Guide

Grade 5 Quick Ref. Guide

Middle School:
Grade 6 Quick Ref. Guide

Grade 7 Quick Ref. Guide

Grade 8 Quick Ref. Guide

High School:
Grade 9-12 Quick Ref. Guide

Progress Report Templates

Kindergarten [Spanish]
Grade 1 [Spanish]
Grade 2 [Spanish]
Grade 3 [Spanish]
Grade 4 [Spanish]
Grade 5 [Spanish]

State Assessments

Beaverton's Statewide Testing Schedule​

OAKS Resource Notebooks

Participating in State Testing

Participar en los Exámenes Estatales​

Statewide Assessment Reference Pages                            

Transition from OAKS to SBAC

Up-to-date information on SBAC


ACT - General Information





International Baccalaureate (IB)

IB - General Information

Talented and Gifted (TAG)



College Board

College Board-General Info
Advanced Placement (AP)

Elementary & Middle

2013-2014 BSD Learning Target to Oregon Work Sample Conversion Criteria




High School

State Scoring Guides