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Chromebook Damage/Loss Protection Plan FAQ
(for Grades 6 - 12 only)​

Question: Do I have to purchase the coverage in order to receive the device?

Answer: Yes. The Beaverton community has invested a siginificant amount of resources to provide technology accesss to our students. We need to be good stewards of this investment by having our students be accountable for caring for the equipment they have been loaned. Students are responsible for the device and it is expected to be returned in good working order. Similar to the expectations associated with the usage of other school equipment such as a texbook, music instrument, etc. the student is financially responsible for any damage to the device.

Question: How would the plan work if the device is accidentally dropped and the damage is such that it needed to be replaced?

Answer: By enrolling in the Protection Plan, families would not have any out of pocket cost for any damage or replacement repair for the first accident claim.

Question: What happens if the device is damaged a second and third time?

Answer: Subsequent damage to the Chromebook after the first documented claim will result in the following charges:

  • Second incident of damage: Student will be charged 50% of the repair cost
  • Third incident of damage: Student will be charged 100% of the repair cost

Question: What happens if the device is lost or stolen?

Answer: If the Chromebook is stolen or lost, it will be replaced at no expense to the student or family. Subsequent instances of a stolen  or lost Chromebook will result in the following fines:

  • Second loss of Chromebook: $150 fine
  • Third loss and beyond of Chromebook: $300 full replacement cost

If the Chromebook is stolen, the Beaverton School District will require a police report to be filed by the student's parent or guardian. Fraudulent reporting of the theft will be turned over to the local law enforcement agency for investigation. Students making a false report may also be subject to disciplinary action.

Question: What if the power cord is lost?

Answer: The replacement cost for a power cord is $20.00 if purchased through the school and is not covered by this plan. Students are responsible for purchasing a new cord at the full replacement cost. 3rd party cords will not be accepted.

Question: We have two children at the high school. Do we need to purchase separate plans for each device?

Answer: Yes. The fee is $20 per school year per Chromebook, up to a maximum of $60 per school year per family. The fee is $10 for families who qualify for the free or reduced meal benefits program ($30 maximum per school year per family who qualifies for meal benefits).


Preguntas Frecuentes (FAQ por sus siglas en inglés) del Plan de Protección de Daños o Pérdida