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​​Online Registration Parent Guide

If you are a parent or guardian of a new student, you can enroll your child using BSD's online registration system. If you are a parent/guardian of a current BSD student, you can also use BSD's online registration system to complete your annual Verification of Enrollment. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) if you have questions not covered in this guide. In addition, please contact the enrolling school if you need any assistance with your child's enrollment. 

Quick jump to content area within below guide: (printable pdfs with screenshots in various languages also available)

Starting your registrationStudents

How to create a new parent account

How to begin a registration

Introduction screen

How to resume registration

How to verify enrollment information

How to provide an electronic signature

Adding a new student

Adding student demographic information

Adding birth information for a new student

Completing the Home Language Survey

Entering ethnicity and race information

Transportation Information for Alternate Addresses

Annual Notification of Rights

Assigning permissions

Entering health information

Entering health conditions

Entering immunizations

Entering information on previous schools attended

Identifying parent/guardian relationships

Identifying emergency contact relationships

Assigning emergency contact order

Entering pre-school siblings

Adding pre-school siblings

Opting in/out of military and college recruitments

Providing information for special services

Confirming school selection

Adding another new student


Entering a family home address

Entering a family mailing address


Providing parent/guardian information

Making changes to parent information

Entering employer information

Entering parent/guardian contact information

Adding a new parent/guardian

Emergency ContactsParentVUE

Entering emergency contact information

Entering emergency contact name

Entering emergency contact phone number

Adding more emergency contact information

Using ParentVUE

Logging in to ParentVUE

Changing password through My Account tab in ParentVUE

Submitting registrationContact

Uploading required documents

Reviewing and submitting registration

Obtaining a status of enrollment

Getting a status email

How to contact the school

Online Registration Parent Guide 

Go To

If you haven't already created a ParentVUE account, you'll need to do so by performing the steps below via the ParentVUE login page 

Create a New Parent Account

Click on More Options

Then select Activate Account and complete the three steps.

For Current or Returning BSD Parents:

If you have or have ever had a ParentVUE account, please login with your previously created User ID and Password. Click on More Options > Forgot Password and enter your email address on file. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.


If, during your time with BSD, you have never created a ParentVUE account, please contact your child's school to obtain a ParentVUE activation code to activate your ParentVUE account.​


1 of 3

Privacy Statement

Review the ParentVUE Privacy Statement by using the scroll bar on the right-hand side.

After reviewing, click on I Accept to continue with the Parent Account Creation process.

For Current or Returning BSD Parents:

If you logged in using your previously created ParentVUE login, you can click on the Privacy link on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.


2 of 3

Parent Account

Enter your first name, last name and your email address in the appropriate fields.

Note: Please avoid special characters except for hyphens and apostrophes (e.g. ñ, ö, etc.)

Enter the system generated code and click Continue to Step 3


3 of 3

Account Creation 

Click Return to login to complete the account creation process.


Login to your email to retrieve the ParentVUE Registration email.

Email Link

Locate the ParentVUE Registration email from the Beaverton School District.

If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your junk folder and search for ""

Click on the hyperlinked 'here' to begin the online registration process. 

Create Password

Your email address will be used a default for the User Name, you may change this to anything you'd like.

Enter and confirm your password (minimum of 6 characters).

Click Save and Continue

Registration School Year

After logging into Online Registration, click Begin Process.


If you need assistance, please click Contact on the bottom left of the screen to display a link to the schools info list on the district website.

If you would like to view the privacy policy again, click on Privacy to the right of Contact.

Translations for the following languages can be displayed by clicking on the desired language link at the bottom of the screen.

Spanish | Chinese | Korean | Vietnamese | Russian | Japanese | Arabic

Resume Registration /

To Verify Enrollment

The process of registering your child online is a comprehensive one. Once you have gathered pertinent information such as immunization records, previous school contact information, and verification documents (e.g. birth certificate, utility bill, etc.) completing the various screens may take up to 20 to 30 minutes.

To complete the annual Verification of Enrollment, click on Resume/Start (or Family in the left-hand navigation) after entering your electronic signature. You'll need to click through and review each screen. 

There is a helpful percent of completion bar on the top of the screen for your reference.

If you need to interrupt your data entry process, you can resume the registration by logging back in at a future time and clicking Resume Registration.

Pick up from where you left off by clicking on the section name in the left-hand navigation. For example, in the Students section, click Edit.

If you selected the incorrect school year, click on Start Over to begin the process again.

Electronic Signature

Type your first and last name in the Electronic Signature field as it appears on the top right corner of the screen.

Family Home Address

Enter your street address in the first field to find your home address.

Select the correct address from the search results.

The individual fields will auto-populate based on your selection.

For Current or Returning BSD Parents: 

Select the Check here if your address has changed checkbox if applicable.

When updating an address that is outside the current school's boundary, please contact the school for helpful transfer information. 

Family Mail Address

If your mailing address is the same as your home address, click Save and Continue.

If your mailing address is different from your home address, uncheck the box and enter your mailing address.

The individual fields will auto-populate based on your selection.​

Click Save and Continue.

Parent / Guardian

For new enrollments, once the enrolling parent info is complete, please click Add New Parent/Guardian to add additional parents/guardians.

For enrollment verifications, each parent's/guardian's information will need to be reviewed to continue.

Please Note: If one parent is in the process of reviewing the student information, the other parent will not be able to review it until the original verification has been accepted by the school. After which, the other parent can review and make edits to the student information.

Edit Parent Info

Enter additional information (e.g. Middle Name, Gender, etc.).

Uncheck the Parent/Guardian lives at this address box if incorrect.

To opt-in to Paperless Report Cards, select the 'I only want to view my child's report card online through ParentVUE. Do not send me a printed report card.' checkbox. Report cards can be viewed through ParentVUE by parents/guardians who have educational rights to the child.

Click Save and Continue.

If you unchecked the Parent/Guardian lives at this address box, a Home Address screen will display. Enter the street address for validation.

Employer Info

Enter your employer information or select Check here if parent/guardian does not have an employer.

Check Uniformed Military if applicable.

Click Save and Continue.

Contact Info

Enter your home (required), mobile (can be same as home) and work phone numbers with extension if applicable.

The email address you used to create the parent account will automatically display in the Email Address field.

Click Save and Continue.

Add New Parent / Guardian

Add additional parent/guardian as needed by clicking Add New Parent/Guardian.

Click Save and Continue when each parent/guardian has been added.


Please add at least one local Emergency Contact in case of emergency and one non-local (residing at least 100 miles away) Emergency Contact in case of a natural disaster (such as an earthquake) occurs during the school day.

Click Add New Emergency Contact.

For Online Enrollment Verification, click on the Edit (or Delete) button to verify each Emergency Contact on file. In cases of duplicate emergency contacts, please update information on one and delete the other duplicate contact.

Contact Name

Enter First and Last Name of your Emergency Contact.

Gender is helpful when the school is contacting the Emergency Contact.

Click Save and Continue.

Contact Phone Info

Enter home, mobile and work phone numbers for the added Emergency Contact.

Click Save and Continue.

Add More Emergency Contact

Click Add New Emergency Contact to add an additional contact.

Click Save and Continue when done.

Add New Student

Click Add New Student to enter your child's information.

For online verification, click on the Edit button to start reviewing each of your child's enrollment information.

If you have other children who are currently or were previously enrolled at a BSD school, they will display in the Students to exclude from section. You can only view their enrollment information. Please contact their school(s) to make any necessary updates.

​​Student Demographic Info

Enter all required fields (marked with a red asterisk).

The Middle Name field is a required field. If your child does not have a middle name, click the No Middle Name box.

Primary address selection may have more than one option if there is more than one parental address is associated with the student.

Anticipated Start Date lets the school know when you'd like to have your child start class(es).

To relay your transportation preference, click on the dropdown arrow next to "If eligible, will the student ride the bus."

For households that have more than one elementary student, your selection of Family Courier will be used to deliver printed materials.

New Student Birth Info

Select your child's birth country, birth state and birth city.

Click on the Birth Verification document type drop-down arrow to select the type of document that will be provided via online upload later in the process. You can choose to bring in documents during your visit to the enrolling school before the first day of school.

If your child was born outside the US or Puerto Rico, additional fields will display when the country is selected.

Enter the entry/start date of your child's attendance in US school and indicate whether attendance was for less than 3 years.

For enrollment verification, this screen is not displayed.

Click Save and Continue.

Home Language Survey

Enter your child's primary language and the adult language spoken at home along with all other applicable information.

Any language other than English will determine a review of your child's English proficiency by the Multilingual Department.

For enrollment verification, this screen is not displayed. 

Click Save and Continue.

Ethnicity / Race Info

Select the applicable ethnicity (Non-Hispanic or Hispanic) and race for your child.

If applicable, select a Tribal Community by clicking on the drop-down arrow.

For enrollment verification, this screen is not displayed. If changes need to be made, please contact your child's school.

Click Save and Continue.

​Transportation (Verifications Only)​Please review the Transportation screen for any additional addresses that have been associated with the student. If the information is not accurate for the current school year, please contact your child’s school.​
Annual Notification​ of Rights

Please review the Annual Notification of Rights page carefully. There is a link to the Student Family Handbook for your reference.

Information is available regarding student records, parental privacy and use of student's photo/video.


Please review the Permissions page carefully. For your reference, there are links to more information.

Digital Resources Permission is a required field for your child's ability to access Google Docs, Calendar, Sites, and a BSD student email account which are integral to your child's learning process.

Select your preference as to how your child is going home during an Emergency Closure situation such as early school closure.

Parents have the ability to Deny Emergency Transport by clicking on the box.

Click Save and Continue.

Health Info

Enter your child's physician and dentist information along with medical/dental insurance policy numbers.

A link to the District's Student Accident Insurance Information webpage is provided should your child not have coverage.

Click Save and Continue.

Health Conditions

The Beaverton School District has nurses who oversee the schools.

Click Add New Condition to inform the school and school nurse of your child's health conditions and indicate whether it's a life-threatening condition.

If none, check Student has no health conditions and click Save and Continue.


The Oregon Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form is a required form for enrollment. Click on the English or Spanish link to enter dates in chronological order into the form fields. Complete, print and sign the form. Set aside for scanning and uploading into Online Registration. You can also choose instead to bring the CIS form into your child's school.

You can refer to the printed form when entering dates into the Immunization screen. Click Save and Continue to go to the next screen.

For enrollment verification, this form may already be on file. You may enter additional vaccination records as needed.

Previous Schools Attended

To provide a background on your child's academic history, enter the name of the last school your child attended along with city/state, last grade attended and school contact number.

For online verification, this screen is not displayed.

Click Save and Continue.

Parent / Guardian Relationships

Indicate the relationship of the parent(s)/guardian(s) that were added in the Parent/Guardian section.

For each parent/guardian, check the applicable rights to your child. Refer to the brief descriptions at the bottom of the screen for further clarification.

Note: Special custody and legal restrictions require a copy of the legal documentation to be provided to the school.

Emergency Contact Relationships

For each Emergency Contact, indicate the relationship to your child. You may need to uncheck the No Relationship box and select the applicable relationship if duplicate emergency contact info has been edited.

Check the Release To box if you allow the school to release your child to the specified Emergency Contact on a re-occurring basis for non-emergency situations. This is often used for listed day care providers. 

Emergency Contact Order

In instances when the school is unable to contact you or other parent/guardian(s) during an emergency, the school will call your Emergency Contacts.

Assign the call order by clicking on the contact, holding down the mouse and dragging to the desired call sequence. It's recommended that your Emergency Contact for Natural Disasters be ordered last.

Pre-school Siblings

For data analysis, add any preschool siblings by clicking on Add New.

Adding Pre-school Siblings

Enter the first, middle, and last name of the preschool sibling.

Select Gender and Date of Birth.

Check applicable academic history.

Click Save and Continue.

Military and College Recruitment

For High School Students Only

Upon request, the school district is required to provide information of juniors and seniors to military and college entities.

To opt-out of these recruitments, select and check the corresponding fields.

If applicable, click Add New to add Student Vehicle information.

Click Save and Continue.

Special Services

To help provide your child with beneficial special services, please answer the required questions regarding previous testing and program participations.

Yes selections will expand additional required questions pertaining to Talented and Gifted program, Speech/Hearing/Language services, and 504 plans.

Click Save and Continue.

This screen is not displayed for enrollment verification.

School Selection

Based on your home address, the name of your child's attendance boundary school will display when you click on the drop-down arrow in the School Selection field.

Once the school is selected, the school's address along with the route from your home address to your child's school will display.

For enrollment verification, this screen will only display the student's enrolled school.

Click Save and Continue.

Add Another New Student

To enroll another new student, click on Add New Student and complete the necessary information.

Document Uploads

Upload required documents by selecting document type, clicking on Choose File to browse for the file on your computer and click Upload.

You can capture documents by taking a picture of the paperwork with your smartphone/tablet and email the image file to yourself. There are also several, no-cost PDF Scanner apps available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

You can also select to bring in the hard copy to the school instead.

For enrollment verification, file upload is not required unless a change of address was entered.

Review / Submit

Before submitting your child's enrollment, click Review to review the entered information. You can make any changes by clicking on the applicable content area (e.g. Parent/Guardian, Students, etc.). Once submitted, you will need to contact the school to make any changes to your child's enrollment information.

You can print the information by clicking on the Print icon in the top left-hand corner. After reviewing, click Done.

A confirmation screen will display.

Click OK.

The last screen will display a message of the successful submission of your online registration.

Status of Enrollment

You can click on Status to view the status of your submission.

Once your child's enrollment has been accepted, please schedule a time to visit the school before your child's first day of school to bring in any documents which were not uploaded in the online registration process. You may also need to complete additional, school-specific forms. In addition, your child will receive class assignments and other information to ensure a smooth start.

For enrollment verification, your annual review process has been completed for the upcoming school year.

Status Email

You will receive an email confirming the submission of your application. Once the school has reviewed and accepted your application, you will receive a message of acceptance. If the school needs some more information or is unable to process your registration, you will receive an email notification.

Please make sure your junk and spam folders do not have any emails from

My Account Tab

The My Account tab, displays your Account Access History.

To change your ParentVUE password, click on the Change Password link.

Enter the Current Password.

Then enter the New Password.

Enter the new password again to Confirm New Password.


Once your child has been accepted into the current school year, you can access the parent portal, ParentVUE, to view your child's enrollment, attendance, class, and grading information. (Your child can view the same information through the student portal, StudentVUE.)

If your child is enrolled in the next school year, you can view this ParentVUE information upon the start of that school year.

Click on I am a parent >>


Use the same User ID and password you created for Online Registration to log in to ParentVUE.

If you forgot your login information, click on Forgot your password? Click here to reset your password.

Enter the email address on file to receive the change password email.


Thank you for enrolling your child or verifying your child's enrollment information through Online Registration.

Please contact the enrolling school if you need any assistance with your child's online enrollment.