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Online Enrollment Verification

​BSD parents and guardians have the ability to verify their child(ren)'s enrollment information through the parent portal,  ParentVUE. This annual paper process was formerly a part of the Back to School packet that was brought home to parents/guardians to review, update and return to the office. Verification of enrollments can now be completed online each year. Feel free to watch a helpful video or view this flyer​ (English ​| Sp​anish) to help you through the process.

Importance of Current and Accurate Information

The Student Verification of Enrollment process is very important to the Beaverton School District. The district uses information provided by this annual process in many ways to support your child's academic success and for safety purposes. By updating your child(ren)'s data, we can do the following: distribute important information to you, contact you or others in the event of a school emergency, respond appropriately to a medical situation involving your child, and communicate your child's academic progress. 

You will need to verify each of your child(ren)'s enrollment information each year. Carefully review this information to be sure all information is complete, accurate, and current.

Medical Conditions

Many of our students have medical conditions that may affect them at school. Health Services requests that parents update the Medical Condition Information each year. A School Nurse may contact you to obtain more information regarding your child's medical condition. If your child requires medication at school, please contact the school for more information.

Parent/Guardian and Emergency Contacts

The District assumes that all legal guardians listed as a parent/guardian have these relationships checked: Lives With (if applicable), Contact Allowed, Educational Rights, Mailings Allowed and Release To. If this is not the case, you will be required to provide legal documentation. Non-legal guardians such as stepparents, same-sex partners, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. will have the following check boxes checked: Lives With and Contact Allowed. Educational Rights and Mailings Allowed will remain unchecked unless Custodial Parent(s) provide written documentation stating otherwise. Has Custody (for non-legal guardians) will require legal documentation to be submitted to the school.

To provide the necessary consent, please indicate whether your child may be "Released To" persons listed in the parent/guardian section who is not a legal guardian. In addition, you must give your consent to release your child to specified Emergency Contacts for regularly scheduled, non-emergency situations such as after school care. You may consent by checking the "Release To" box in both the Parent/Guardian and Emergency Contacts sections of this form.

Student/Family Handbook Review

The Formal Acknowledgement of Student & Family Handbook Review is part of the enrollment verifcation process. After reviewing the Student/Family Handbook (SFH), within the online enrollment verification process, you may check that you and your child have read the handbook.

Accessing ParentVUE/Online Registration

BSD parents/guardians can log on to their ParentVUE account and click on Messages to access the verification screens. Parent/guardians who need to create their ParentVUE account will need to obtain an activation key code by contacting the school.

For Help or Assistance

For an overview of the online enrollment verification process visit the How To page. If you have forgotten your password, please reset your password by clicking on More Options > Forgot Password. A Resetting ParentVUE Password guide ​is available for your reference. For further help or assistance with the online enrollment verification process, please contact your child's school.