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How to Verify Enrollment Online

Step 1 - Create Your ParentVUE Account

If you have not created your ParentVUE account yet, contact your child's school to obtain your activation key code. With your key code in hand, go to the ParentVUE login page, click I am a Parent, select Activate my Account and enter the requested information such as your email address. If you do not have an email address, contact the school to manually create your User Name and Password.

Please note: Each year, a student's enrollment information need only be verified by one custodial parent/guardian but is not limited to only one. A parent/guardian with custody rights, can verify and change student enrollment information. Each parent/guardian has his/her own ParentVUE account.

Step 2 - Accessing Enrollment Verification Screens

After logging into ParentVUE, click on the Messages link to access your child's enrollment information.

Click Messages to display Online Enrollment Verification message

Step 3 - Verifying Your Child's Enrollment Information

You will be presented with the Review/Submit page to verify your child's enrollment information. You can click through each of the sections (e.g. Family, Parent/Guardian, Emergency, and Students) to edit the information for each of your children. Click Review and edit data.

Verify Each Section

Step 4 - Submit the completed enrollment verification

Once confirmed, click Submit to complete your child's enrollment information.

Click Submit


If you would like clarification on any of the information that is being asked of you, please refer to the Online Registration Parent Guide. For help or assistance with the online enrollment verification process, please contact your child's school.