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The Beaverton School District's inter district transfer window is currently closed. More information about the 2019-2020 school year will be posted soon!  Questions about inter district transfers may be emailed to 


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Resident students who move out of the Beaverton School District after May 31, 2018 may choose to continue attending school where they currently are until June 14, 2019. Students must complete a Mid School Year Student Move form.  Forms are available at the student’s school.  Students will be required to apply for an Inter-District transfer in May 2019, if they wish to return for the 2019-2020 school year.  There are no guarantees for placement.  Students must meet behavior and attendance expectations as stated below.

Inter District Transfer and Mid School Year Move student approval is contingent upon meeting behavior and attendance expectations:

1)  Attendance of 92% or greater;

2)  No more than one suspension per academic year; no suspension of, or greater than, five days;

3)  No expulsions;

4)  Timely transportation is the responsibility of the family.


NON-RESIDENT STUDENTS should contact their home school district office for transfer requirements. 

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- 2/22/19

Please call your student's home school if you have questions about Administrative Student Transfers.  To confirm your assigned home school, please contact 503.356.4500.

Administrative Student Transfer applications may be initiated at any time during the year by a parent/guardian, eligible student, or administrator.  All Administrative Student Transfer forms must be submitted to the student's home school.  The home school is the neighborhood school at which the student is assigned by the District's attendance plan (Policy JEA-AR).

The principal of the student's home school will initiate contact with the principal at the school where the student has applied to attend.  Both principals must agree to the transfer for it to be considered approved.  After the two principals come to agreement (either approval or denial), the decision is final and there is no appeal.  Copies of the completed applications will be distributed by the home school, pending a letter or telephone conversation with the parents/guardians of the student, regarding the final recommendation.

When considering an Administrative Student Transfer, both principals shall use the following criteria:

    • Capacity at the receiving school.

    • A Hardship is defined as the student:

  • is being impacted by a parent or guardian's military deployment
  • is experiencing instability related to homelessness or foster care placement
  • has a documented medical condition that necessitates a transfer
  • is impacted by the death of a parent
  • there is severe financial hardship for the family, or
  • is involved in a documented case of severe harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyberbullying.

A hardship is NOT a preference for an academic program or activities offered at another school.

The receiving school principal may revoke the Administrative Student Transfer at any time if there is no evidence the student has benefitted from the transfer, as evidenced by behavior, attendance, or academic achievement.

Transportation for Administrative Student Transfers is the parent's/guardian's responsibility.  Parents may submit a written request for transportation on a completed "Regular Education Transportation Service Request" and will be considered under the following conditions:

  1.      Service requests are approved on a space available, first-come, first-served basis.  When the bus reaches capacity for students who reside within the school's attendance boundaries, non-eligible riders (open enrollment transfers) are removed.  The last students approved will be first to be removed.
  2.      Student would use only a scheduled bus stop.
  3.      Students shall not cross streets designated as hazardous by the district.

High School Only:  OSAA Constitution and Rules provide that any student who attends a high school as a result of undue influence may become ineligible and the high school could be subject to penalties.  OSAA rules also require approval by both the sending and receiving high school principals, and approved by the Superintendent's Office.  Student eligibility is subject to OSAA guidelines.

NOTE:  Students approved for an Administrative Student Transfer are expected to check out of their home school.  Chromebooks and materials must be turned in and fees paid before registering at the receiving school.

NEW for 2019-2020 Administrative Student Transfers!

If a resident student moves during the school year:

A Beaverton School District resident student, whose legal residence changes to a different school within the Beaverton School District's boundaries, will be allowed to complete the rest of the school year at the school they are currently attending.

A Beaverton School District resident student, whose legal residence changes to a different school within the Beaverton School District's boundaries, over the summer, may remain in their previous school the following school year.

** Both of these moves require completion of an Administrative Student Transfer application.

School Attendance Areas

By Oregon State Law and Beaverton School District policy, students are assigned to a "home school" in their "home district" based on the legal resident address of their parent or legal guardian.  A Beaverton School District Administrative Student Transfer is required to attend school other than the home school; students may not attend another school without valid permission.  Homeless students should contact their counselor or principal to see if they qualify for Title X provisions.

The Beaverton School District has also established attendance boundaries that provide clear feeder paths from elementary to middle to high schools.  These allow for academic continuity within each feeder area and balanced enrollments across schools in the district.  Your elementary home school determines the feeder path your student would take into middle or high school.  An Administrative Student Transfer to a school outside of your home feeder path does not guarantee continuation to the next feeder level of your transfer school.

School Board Policies
Click on the following links to view current District policies related to school assignments and transfer policies and procedures:

  • JEA-AR:  Attendance
  • JECA:      Admission of Resident Students
  • JECB:      Admission of Non-Resident Students
  • JECC:      Open Enrollment