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April 21, 2017


House Bill 2747 is responsible for legislative changes regarding Inter-District transfers.  House Bill 2747 allows School Boards to decide annually by specific date, the number of student transfers into and out of a school district.

The Beaverton School District's School Board has agreed to NO Inter-District transfers for the 2017-2018 school year.  This decision involves students wanting to transfer INTO, and students wishing to transfer OUT OF, the Beaverton School District. 

Exceptions to this decision include hardship requests.  A hardship is defined in OAR 581-021-0019 (1) (c).  As a result, any family who believes they have a hardship, may send an email stating the specific reasons for their request to the following email address:  If approved by district and school administrators, the Beaverton School District Office will email parents an Inter-District transfer request form to complete.  The final decision will be made once Beaverton School District and the non-resident school district have reviewed.  If the student is approved, he/she will be approved through grade 12.  If the transfer request is denied, the student should plan to enroll in their boundary school.


The Washington County School District's Inter-District Transfer window is May 1 – May 31, 2017. Final decisions will be communicated to parents after the window has closed.

MID SCHOOL YEAR RESIDENT STUDENT MOVES:  Students who move out of the Beaverton School District after May 31, 2017 may choose to continue attending school where they currently are until June 19, 2018. Students must complete a Mid School Year Student Move form.  Forms are available at the student's school.  Students will be required to apply for an Inter-District transfer if they want to return for the 2018-2019 school year.  There are no guarantees for placement.  Students must meet behavior and attendance expectations as stated below.


TRANSFERS INTO AND OUT OF school districts are contingent upon meeting behavior and attendance expectations:

1)  Attendance of 92% or greater;

2)  No more than one suspension per academic year; no suspension of, or greater than, five days;

3)  No expulsions;

4)  Timely transportation is the responsibility of the family.


NON-RESIDENT STUDENTS should contact their home school district office for transfer requirements. 


Students must complete transfer paperwork at both resident and non-resident school district offices.

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Administrative Transfers are available for Beaverton students wishing to attend school in another Beaverton school.  Student applications may be initiated at any time, at the student's home school, during the school year by a parent/guardian, eligible student or administrator.  Approval is the responsibility of the individual school administrator.  All administrative transfers are valid for the current school year only.  All questions should be directed to the student's home school.  Administrative transfers are provided for hardship cases only.

School Attendance Areas
By Oregon State Law and Beaverton School District policy, students are assigned to a “home school” in their “home district” based on the legal resident address of their parent or legal guardian. A Beaverton School District Administrative Transfer is required to attend a school other than the home school; students may not attend another school without valid permission. Homeless students should contact their counselor or principal to see if they may qualify for Title X provisions.

The Beaverton School District has also established attendance boundaries that provide clear feeder paths from elementary to middle to high schools. These allow for academic continuity within each feeder area and balanced enrollments across schools in the district. Your elementary home school determines the feeder path your student would take into middle or high school.

A transfer to a school outside of your home feeder path does not guarantee continuation to the next feeder level of your transfer school.

To confirm your assigned home school, please contact 503.356.4500.

School Board Policies
Click on the following links to view current District policies related to school assignments and transfer policies and procedures that apply to the 2016-2017 school year:

  • JEC: Admissions
  • JECA: Admission of Resident Students
  • JECB: Admission of Non-Resident Students
  • JECC: Open Enrollment