Addressing Concerning Sexual Behavior

The Beaverton School District has a leveled protocol in place to address concerning sexual behavior. When school officials learn of concerning sexual behavior or the threat of concerning sexual behavior occurring on or off school grounds, before, during, or after school, they will file the required report with the appropriate protective body (i.e. law enforcement, Child Protective Services (DHS), etc). The school administrator, in consultation with the school counselor and/or school psychologist, will then determine whether to proceed with a Level 1 Assessment. Following the outcome of the Level 1 Assessment, a supervision plan will be implemented to ensure student safety. If the school based team cannot confidently create an adequate supervision plan, they can request a Level 2 Assessment. The school based team will then present the case to the multidisciplinary Level 2 team consisting of representatives from the school district, law enforcement, Washington County Mental Health, the Juvenile Department, and Child Welfare. Though this team does not provide case management it serves a consultative function to assist the school in creating an appropriate supervision plan.