Collaborative Alternative Solutions to Expulsion (CASE)


  • To reduce expulsions by collaborating with professionals to determine the root cause(s) of to the behavior and find restorative and research-based best practices to address them.
  • To be equity focused, anti-racist, and not have a student’s social and cultural background—explicitly related to race, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status—be a predictor of exclusions to education.


  1. When a level 4 (possible expulsion) behavior related to Alcohol and/or Dangerous Drugs has happened, the school administrator will alert the Beaverton School District CASE Team Administrators.
  2. The school Administrator gathers relevant information with a focus on academic performance, behavior, and attendance.
  3. The Beaverton School District CASE Team Administrators convene a group professionals from the school, Beaverton School District, and community partners to analyze the incident using student-centered, strength-based protocols.
  4. The support offered through the CASE process is independent of the Suspension/Expulsion Process detailed in the Student Code of Conduct.