Health Services

Policy Reference:

JHC – Student Health Services and Requirements

JHCA/JHCB – Immunization, Physical Examination, Vision Screening/Eye Examination and Dental Screening

JHCC – Communicable Diseases

JHCD/JHCDA – Medications

Immunizations and Oregon Law

Proof of immunization must be presented prior to the time of initial enrollment in school or within 30 days of transfer to the district. Proof consists of a signed Certificate of Immunization Status form documenting either evidence of immunization or a religious, philosophical beliefs and/or medical exemption[1] or non-medical exemption. The required immunization schedule can be found on the School Nursing and Student Health Web Page. Students not in compliance with the immunization requirements may not attend school and will be excluded.

Medication Administration At School

The district recognizes that administering a medication to a student and/or permitting a student to administer a medication to themself, may be necessary when the failure to take such medication during school hours would prevent the student from attending school, and recognizes a need to ensure the health and well-being of a student who requires regular doses or injections of a medication as a result of experiencing a life-threatening allergic reaction or adrenal crisis (Under proper notice given to the district by a student or student’s parent or guardian), or a need to manage hypoglycemia, asthma or diabetes. Accordingly, the district may administer or a student may be permitted to administer to themself prescription (injectable and noninjectable) and/or nonprescription (noninjectable) medication at school.


A student may be allowed to self-administer a medication for asthma, diabetes, hypoglycemia or severe allergies as prescribed by an Oregon licensed health care professional, upon written and signed request of the parent or guardian and subject to age-appropriate guidelines. This self-administration provision also requires a written and signed confirmation the student has been instructed by the Oregon licensed health care professional on the proper use of and responsibilities for the prescribed medication.

A request to the district to administer or allow a student to self-administer prescription medication or a nonprescription medication that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shall include a signed prescription and treatment plan from a prescriber (A registered nurse who is employed by a public or private school, ESD or local public health authority to provide nursing services at a public or private school may accept an order from a physician licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy in another state or territory of the U.S. if the order is related to the care or treatment of a student who has been enrolled at the school for not more than 90 days.) or an Oregon licensed health care professional.

A written request and permission form signed by a  student’s parent or guardian, unless the student is allowed to  access medical care without parental consent under state law (Subject to ORS 109.610, 109.640 and 109.675), is required and will be kept on file.