In Loco Parentis

During the school day, school personnel are entrusted with the care of our students and the orderly and safe operation of our schools. In order to carry out that duty, it is imperative that we be able to interact with our students both when we are providing instruction as well as when we are assessing a student safety concern or investigating an incident to determine appropriate discipline. Courts of law both in Oregon and nationally support this standard, which is legally known as “in loco parentis” or “in place of the parent”. Because our need to ensure our schools are safe for all students and staff, we cannot agree to parent requests that they be consulted prior to/give permission for interaction between school personnel and students. We will always involve parents in the process when we have determined there is cause for concern which could result in discipline or referral to an intervention process, however we cannot honor a demand to have a parent or their lawyer present whenever we need to interact with a student.