Non-School Materials Distribution

Policy Reference: KJA and KJA-AR– Materials Distribution

The District recognizes that many organizations provide additional opportunities for students that foster growth, development, knowledge and understanding in our community. In an effort to cooperate with community organizations and convey useful information to students, families and staff, the District allows the distribution of certain materials by non-school organizations. The District does not endorse any event, service or point of view contained in the information it distributes to students through this policy. The District encourages parents to assist their children in making choices appropriate for them.

Requests by individuals or groups to distribute pamphlets, booklets, flyers, brochures and other similar materials to students or staff  shall  be  submitted  to the Communications and Community Involvement department. Materials themselves, as well as the proposed method of distribution, shall be subject to review.

Materials submitted for review must offer educational and/or extra-curricular learning opportunities for children, families, and/or staff. The District does not allow commercial advertising at any of its facilities.

There will be no distribution by students or organizations of information that is:

  • obscene, indecent or vulgar;
  • advocates illegal activities,
  • violence, gangs, or hate;
  • contains libelous or defamatory information;
  • discriminates or contains bias toward an individual’s race, gender, sexual orientation, religious or ethnic identity;
  • is likely to cause substantial disruption of or material interference with discipline or the education of students in the school in which the material is posted or distributed; or
  • promotes, favors or opposes a candidate for elected office or a ballot measure; advocates religion or a particular religious viewpoint through proselytization.