School Grounds/Trespass

Policy Reference:

GCDA/GDDA – Criminal Records Checks/Fingerprinting

IICC – Volunteers

KK – Visitors to District Facilities

KGB – Public Conduct on District Property

The Beaverton School District encourages parents and all citizens to visit the schools throughout the school year. To help protect students and school property, and to prevent disruptive activity, school officials must know if any persons who are not members of the school staff or student body are in the school building or on the school grounds.

Visitors and Volunteers

Visitors and volunteers must check in at the office and secure permission to be on campus. Visitors and volunteers must wear an identification badge while on campus, which allows staff and students to know the office has approved their presence on campus. All visitors and volunteers are required to check out at the school office upon departure.

All adult volunteers working in classrooms and other areas in schools must complete a background check and the online volunteer application. With the Volunteer Management System, the District in now able to track the status of volunteers and requires them to submit to a background check every two years.

Visitors who have a limited onsite visit, no student supervision responsibilities, and who are within sight and sound of a staff member are not required to undergo a background check.

Schools can contact the Community Involvement Department for further details.

Violations, Criminal Trespass

Disturbance of the educational process by students, parents  and/or  community  members   can   result in the person being asked to leave school property. Furthermore, the person may lose the privilege of being on school district property for an indefinite amount of time. This trespass notice can be in writing or verbal. Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies and Beaverton Police Officers have express discretion to exclude people causing disturbances on district property per intergovernmental agreement. Generally, District buildings are not “open to the public” under ORS 164.205 and entering or remaining in a building may result in an arrest for criminal trespass under ORS 164.245.