Search and Inspection

If school officials have reasonable suspicion to believe that a student either personally possesses or is in possession of some item that poses an immediate threat to the safety of the student, the official, or others at school, they are authorized to search the student and his/her personal property, or any School District property used by the student, and seize any items deemed injurious or detrimental to the safety, health, and welfare of the students and staff. Likewise, school officials may seize any item the school official believes demonstrates a violation of a law or school rule. Students are prohibited from using or possessing dangerous weapons, firearms, ammunition, hit or threat lists, dangerous instruments, and/or hazardous or explosive materials or devices. On a random basis, drug sniffing dogs may be used to search lockers and vehicles, to detect contraband and violations of school rules and criminal laws.

To further protect students and provide a safer school environment, random inspections of lockers and other  student storage areas may also occur at anytime. These areas remain in the possession and control of the school when they are assigned for student use. Students may use student storage areas for the limited purpose of temporarily keeping items needed for classes and other school activities. Students shall expect that lockers and other student storage areas will be inspected by the school from time to time without prior notice to assure that such areas are not being used for any unauthorized purpose. Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy in lockers and student storage areas. Prohibited items will be removed and held by the school. Any items removed during an inspection will be returned to the student, the student’s parents or held for the police as necessary. Students will be disciplined if any prohibited items are found.

Items held or confiscated by the school will be evaluated for return to the proper owner upon completion of an investigation or a disciplinary action. Contraband or unlawful items, the possession of which violate the Beaverton School District Student & Family Handbook, Beaverton School District policy, state laws, and/or federal laws shall not be returned to the student or to any representative of the student; such items shall be turned over to law enforcement officials. Other items left unclaimed after an investigation or disciplinary action will be disposed of by the school.