Sexual Incident Response Committee (SIRC)


  1. To provide a protocol to assess developmentally non normative student sexual behaviors to support school safety.
  2. To provide a multi-level system that can mobilize broader community responses and resources to help facilitate the development and implementation of supervision, monitoring and management plans.
  3. To develop and maintain a sense of safety among students, teachers, staff, and parents/guardians by protecting victims from further trauma, and accused students from further allegations.

SIRC System

The SIRC system consists of the following levels:

  1. Inquiry A School Administrator consults with another member of the SIRC team and determines the need for a Level 1 assessment. If no risk is present, a copy of the Inquiry form will be sent to the SIRC Coordinator. We will move forward with a level 1 for all non normative sexual behaviors and for situations where a pattern of socially inappropriate behavior is present.
  2. Level 1 A school based Sexual Incident Response Committee (SIRC) consisting of an administrator, SRO, “school psychologist and/or school counselor, and case manager, if incident involves a student with disabilities. The team may involve other participants in the Level 1 process and/or request consultation from the district SIRC Coordinator. All level 1 assessments will result in a supervision plan for the student exhibiting sexual behaviors.
  3. Level 2 If the Level 1 team determines there is need for further assessment, assistance in development of the Student Supervision Plan, or concerns that cannot be addressed at the Level 1 then the case will be referred to the Level 2 team. The Level 1 team will contact the SIRC Coordinator to initiate the referral. The Plan Manager on the Level 1 team will present the case to the Level 2 team. Level 2 Teams are a panel of multi-agency members from the School District, local Law Enforcement, Washington County Mental Health, Child Welfare, and the Juvenile.