Student Fines or Fees

Policy Reference: JN – Student Fees

No student will be denied an education because of his/her inability to pay supplementary fees. No student, however, is exempt from charges for lost or damaged books, locks, materials, supplies and equipment. Fee structures and consequences of non-payment will be communicated to the students and the community. Students or parents owing money to the District will receive written notice that includes the reason the student owes money to the District, an itemization of the fees, fines or damages owed and the right to request a hearing.

Parents of students experiencing financial need may have student fees waived by completing the Sharing Free or Reduced Price Information with other programs. Waived fees may include fees for student body, activities, athletics, field trips, workbooks, elective class, tests, medical, dental and eye programs. The application is available on our Meal Benefits - Nutrition Services Web Page.

All student fines and fees may be paid using the Online Payment System.

On Account

The Beaverton School District uses an account balance system for student charges. The account balance may be applied toward future charges or outstanding fines/fees. Upon request, any remaining account balance may be refunded to a parent or guardian.

Beaverton School District Nutrition Services uses,, an account balance system to record student deposits and purchases.

If the student has been inactive for over a year, any unclaimed account balance over $50 will be handled as unclaimed property with the State of Oregon. Any unclaimed account balance under $50 will be treated as a donation to the District.


Refunds must be requested within 90 days from the time of payment unless an alternate cutoff is specified. Payments made by credit/debit card will be refunded back to the card used if within the 90 days and the card is still active, otherwise will be refunded by check to a parent or guardian. Payments made by cash or check under $50 will be refunded to the student’s on-account balance, otherwise will be refunded by check to a parent or guardian.

Refunds for returned library materials

Refunds for returned library materials such as library books, textbooks, and Chromebooks will be honored within one year of the time of payment.  However, payments will only be refunded back to credit/debit cards within 90 days of payment. After that point, refunds will be issued via check to a parent or guardian.

Refunds for Nutrition Services Cafeteria Account

Refunds may be requested at any time by contacting the school cafeteria or the Nutrition Services Office.

Nutrition Services Refund Options:

  • Cash refunds of $25.00 or less are available at the school cafeteria or the Nutrition Services Main Office, 10740 NE Walker Road, Hillsboro, OR, 97006, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. A 24 hour notice is recommended.
  • For refunds greater than $25.00, a refund request form can be obtained from the school cafeteria or a written request for a check refund may be submitted to the NS Accounting email, with student name, school enrolled, payee’s name and address for mailing.

All fund balances on accounts inactive for 2 years will be sent to the State of Oregon as unclaimed property. 


  • Freshman$100 fee for their first sport and any sport after that has no fee ($0). Example: student participates in fall sport for $100; no fee to play in a winter and/or spring sport.  
  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors$100 fee for each sport they participate in. Example: student participates in fall sport ($100 fee), winter sport ($100 fee) and spring sport ($100 fee). Their total fees would be $300. 
STUDENT ACTIVITY FEE$85.00 each for the following: Cheerleading, Flag Team, Choir, Speech / Debate / Forensics, Dance Team, Band, Drama, or Orchestra.
Financial Assistance is available for athletic and activity fees. Contact your school for more information.
FAMILY ATHLETIC PASS$60.00 per season - Fall & Winter. If a family has an athlete participating in a sport that season, then the cost of the pass is $30.00.  
Example:  The Smith family wishes to purchase a Fall Family Pass and has a daughter who plays soccer.  The cost of the Fall Family Pass would be $30.00 instead of $60.00.
  • Family passes are intended for purchaser, spouse and their children only
  • Senior Citizens, 65 and over – Free
  • Children 5 and under - Free

Chromebooks for Students Take Home Use

At the beginning of each school year, all students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to check out a Chromebook for school and home use. Anticipating that all students in these grades will get a Chromebook, the district adds a fee of $20 to student's Online Payment accounts each year (maximum fee of $60 per family per school year) to enroll them in the Damage Loss Protection Program. This fee is waived for families who qualify for the free or reduced meal benefits program and have completed the Permission to Share Form that is part of the Meal Benefits Application. The application is available on our Meal Benefits - Nutrition Services Web Page. More information about the Chromebook checkout program can be found at our Chromebook Resources Web Page.