Student Threat Assessment Team (STAT)


  1. To provide a protocol to assess threats of potentially harmful behaviors, risk factors, and action required to support school safety.
  2. To provide a multi-level system that can mobilize broader community responses and resources to help facilitate the development and implementation of safety monitoring and management plans.
  3. To develop and maintain a sense of safety among students, teachers, staff, and parents/guardians.


The system consists of the following levels:

  1. Inquiry A School Administrator consults with another member of the STAT team and determines the need for a Level 1 assessment.
  2. Level 1 A school based Student Threat Assessment Team (STAT) consisting of an administrator, SRO, school psychologist and/or school counselor, and case manager, if an incident involves a student with disabilities. The team may involve other participants in the Level 1 process and/or request consultation from the district STAT Coordinator.
  3. Level 2 If the Level 1 team determines there is need for further assessment, assistance in development of the Student Safety Management Plan, or concerns that cannot be addressed at the Level 1 then the case will be referred to the Level 2 team. The Level 1 team will contact the STAT Coordinator/PSO, to initiate the referral. The Plan Manager on the Level 1 team will present the case to the Level 2 team. Level 2 Teams are a panel of multi-agency members from the School District, local Law Enforcement, Washington County Mental Health, DHS, and Washington County Juvenile Department that assists school based STAT members with threat management and identification of resources. Level 2 Teams do not case manage.