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Student Code of Conduct

The District expects, encourages, and trusts our students to be safe and make healthy decisions regarding their behavior. When students make poor decisions, there may be interventions and responses to those actions that are age appropriate, consider the student’s mental capacity, and to the extent practicable, use approaches that are evident through research to be effective.

The Code of Conduct applies to students at all times while they are on Beaverton School District property, at any school-sponsored activity, including field trips, and while traveling to and from school or any school sponsored event. The District recognizes that some incidents that occur off school grounds may seriously affect school safety and school climate. In those cases, the District may implement intervention and disciplinary responses based on their impact on school safety and school climate.

The District shall enforce consistently, fairly, and without bias all student conduct policies, administrative regulations, and school rules.

Mitigating circumstances may include:

  1. Age
  2. Self-defense
  3. Lack of knowledge of rules
  4. Provocation
  5. Inability to reason
  6. Disability

Successful disciplinary practices have the following characteristics:

  1. They are explicit, reasonable, and timely.
  2. They are logical, fair, consistent, and developmentally appropriate.
  3. They include a variety of prevention and intervention measures.
  4. They provide the opportunity for parent/family and student participation.
  5. They respond to individual differences among students with insight and sensitivity.
  6. They ensure the opportunity for students to obtain an education.
  7. They address the needs of the student who engage in the misconduct, the needs of those who were affected by the misconduct, and the needs of the overall school community.

Print Versions

2023-20224 BSD Student Code of Conduct - English

EN - English

2023-2024 BSD Student Code of Conduct - Spanish

ES - Spanish

Student Conduct Offenses

Icon for disciplinary level 1


Classroom Support and School-Based Interventions -aim is to teach correct alternative behavior 

Icon for disciplinary level 2


Intensive support and administrative staff interventions - aim is to correct the behavior by keeping the student in school. Appropriate when supports have been put in place but the behavior has continued to negatively affect the learning environment.

Icon for disciplinary level 3


Suspension and Referral Responses - appropriate when interventions and supports have been put in place but the behavior is escalating
(repeatedly) or because of the severity of the behavior.

Icon for disciplinary level 4


Extended Suspension 
and Expulsion - appropriate when the student’s behavior seriously affects the safety of themselves or others in the school environment.  

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