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Suspension/Expulsion Process

Suspension Process

Suspension (in or out of school) temporarily removes from a student the right of attending school or school activities and/or being on District school property. After reviewing available information, suspensions may be made by the principal, or assistant principal with the approval of the principal. The length of the suspension shall be determined by the severity of the act and previous behavior of the student.

The suspending administrator  may  postpone these procedures if  there  is  a  risk  that  harm  will occur if the suspension does not take place immediately. In all cases, an administrator will notify the parent/guardian by letter and, when possible, by telephone, and the procedure for rein- statement will be explained. There is no appeal process beyond the school principal.

The period of suspension is not to exceed a maximum of  ten  (10)  school  days.  In specific circumstances, a suspension may be continued until some specific pending action occurs such as physical or mental examination or incarceration by court action.

The use of out-of-school suspension or expulsion for discipline of a student in the fifth grade or below, is limited to:

  1. Non-accidental conduct causing serious physical harm to a student or employee;
  2. When a school administrator determines, based on the administrator’s observation or upon a report from an employee, the student’s conduct poses a threat to the health or safety of students or employees; or
  3. When the suspension or expulsion is required by law.

Expulsion Process

Expulsion is the termination of the student’s right to attend school, school activities, and/or be on any School District property for a substantial period not to extend beyond one calendar year. Students may be expelled for any of the following circumstances:

  • when a student’s conduct poses a threat to the health or safety of students or employees;
  • when other strategies to change the student’s behavior have been ineffective; or
  • when required by law.

Expulsions shall be recommended only by the school principal to the appropriate Executive Administrator. District  procedures  provide  for  written   notification to the student’s parents, identification of alternative education options (in appropriate circumstances), and information concerning the right to an expulsion hearing. In case the parent or student have difficulty understanding the English language or have other serious communication difficulties, the District will provide an interpreter. The student will be suspended by the principal pending expulsion. The Administrator’s decision, or if a hearing has been requested, the decision by the hearing’s officer, will be communicated to the Executive Administrator. If the student and/or parent believe there has been a violation of due process, they may appeal the decision to the School Board.

In cases where the student brings a firearm or danger- ous weapon to school or is in possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon at school, the expulsion period will be no less than one calendar year in length unless a modification is warranted.

In cases where students are being recommended for expulsion for violations of the following codes, a Safety Plan and STAT/ SIRC paperwork must be submitted to the Executive Administrator as part of the Expulsion Packet.

  • Code 3 – Assault
  • Code 5 – Bullying / Harassment
  • Code 13 – Fighting
  • Code 14 – Fire Setting / Attempted Fire Setting / Fire Play
  • Code 15 – Fire Tools / Ignition Sources
  • Code 23 – Secret Societies / Gangs
  • Code 24 – Sexual Harassment
  • Code 28 – Threats / Menacing / Hate Lists
  • Code 33 – Weapons: Dangerous or Deadly, other than Firearms, Knives, and Explosive Devices
  • Code 34 – Weapons: Explosive Device
  • Code 35 – Weapons: Firearms
  • Code 36 – Weapons: Knives and Look-Alike Knives
  • Code 37 – Weapons: Look-Alike Explosive Devices, Firearms, or Other Dangerous or Deadly Weapons
  • Code 38 – Weapons: Others