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BCF - Advisory Committees to the Board

Code: BCF
Readopted:  4/24/17
Adopted: 9/08/97
Orig. Code(s): BCF

The Board has the responsibility and need to make decisions relating to a number of different major educational issues.  The Board may appoint an advisory committee to gain citizen input in making a decision relating to a major educational issue.

The composition of these advisory committees should represent a cross section of the community including supportive and non-supportive citizens, high school students, and when appropriate, citizens without students in the school system.  The Board shall strongly encourage interested citizens to apply for appointment to the committee by giving publicity to the establishment of the committee.

Before appointing an advisory committee, the Board shall prepare a project charge of the purpose and objective for the committee as well as the scope and limitations of its activities.  The project charge may also specify qualifications of advisory committee members and guidelines for advisory committee operation.

In general, an advisory committee will be established to help with setting long-range goals, recommending board policy, establishing priorities or assessing needs of the district.  The written statement shall also indicate the length of time each member is asked to serve and the approximate dates on which the Board wishes the committee to submit reports.  The committee, unless extended by the Board, shall automatically be dissolved when the Board accepts the final report of the committee.

An advisory committee shall elect their own officers and determine their own meeting schedules.  Secretarial service for each committee shall be provided by the district.  Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the committee secretary, with copies being distributed to each member of the committee, the Board and the superintendent.

Advisory committee meetings are considered public meeting and will follow Public Meetings Law.  The press may attend and report proceedings.  Visitors shall sit apart from committee members and shall speak only when invited to do so by the committee.


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