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BBF - Board Member Standards of Conduct

Code: BBF
Adopted: 4/24/17

Individual Board members and the Board as a public entity must comply with ethics laws for public officials.

Board members will treat other Board members, the superintendent, staff and the public with dignity and courtesy and will provide an opportunity for all parties to be heard with due respect for their opinions.

Board members will recognize the superintendent as the chief executive officer to whom the Board has delegated administrative authority to establish regulations and oversee the implementation of Board policy.

A Board member has the right to express personal opinions.  When expressing such opinions in public, the Board member should clearly identify the opinions as personal.

Board members support Board decisions after honoring the right of individual members to express their viewpoints and vote accordingly.

A Board member will respect the privacy rights of individuals when dealing with confidential information gained through association with the district.

A Board member will keep information discussed in executive session confidential.

A Board member will utilize social media websites judiciously by not posting confidential information about students, staff or district business.  Board members will treat fellow Board members, staff, students and the public with respect while posting and will adhere to Oregon Public Meetings Laws when communicating with other Board members via websites or other electronic means.


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Cross Reference(s):

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