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BDDG - Minutes of Board Meetings

Code: BDDG
Adopted: 4/24/17

The Board secretary will take written minutes of all Board meetings.  The written minutes will be a true reflection of the matters discussed at the meeting and the views of the participants.  The minutes will include, but not be limited to, the following information:

  1. All members of the Board who were present;
  2. All motions, proposals, resolutions, orders and measures proposed and their disposition;
  3. The results of all votes and the vote of each member by name;
  4. The substance of any discussion on any matter;
  5. Any other information required by law.

All minutes shall be available to the public within a reasonable time.  The public and patrons of the district may receive, upon request, copies of minutes from the administration office.  A copy of the minutes of each regular and special Board meeting as they are drafted for approval will be distributed after such meeting to each Board member and administrator.

The district will maintain a hard copy[1] of the meeting minutes and make them available to staff and other interested patrons.

Minutes of executive sessions will be kept in accordance with the requirements of Oregon’s Public Meetings Law with essentially the same level of detail as for public sessions.  If disclosure of material in the executive session minutes would be inconsistent with the purpose for which executive session was held under Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 192.660, the material may be withheld from disclosure.

If an executive session is held pursuant to ORS 332.061, the following shall not be made public: the name of the minor student; the issue, including a student’s confidential medical records and that student’s educational program; the discussion; and each Board member’s vote on the issue.


Legal Reference(s):

ORS 192.610 to -192.710
ORS 332.061

Letter Opinion, Office of the OR Attorney General (Nov. 20, 1970).
[1]Oregon Administrative Rule 166-400-0010(9)