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CBA - Qualifications and Duties of the Superintendent

Code: CBA
Readopted:  5/15/17
Adopted: 5/08/13
Orig. Code(s): CBA
POSITION: Superintendent of Schools
  1. A current Oregon administrative license with an authorization for all levels, a superintendent’s endorsement or a transitional superintendent license.
  2. Successful experience as an educational leader and administrator.
  3. In lieu of experience and training requirements above, the Board may consider as a candidate for its superintendent’s position an individual who meets transitional or exceptional administrator licensure requirements.  The Board may, jointly with the individual, submit an application for such license for Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) approval pursuant to Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 584-080-0151 and 584-080-0161.
  4. Other qualifications as determined by the Board.
REPORTS TO: Board of Directors
SUPERVISES: Central office administrators and school principals; and through them, all district personnel.
JOB GOAL: Provide for effective administration of all schools and departments, and educational leadership throughout the school system and community.


Performance Responsibilities

The superintendent:

  1. Serves as chief executive officer of the district except as otherwise provided by law, makes rules not in conflict with law or with Board policies and decides all matters of administrative and supervisory detail in connection with the operation and maintenance of the schools;
  2. Initiates and directs the development of policies for approval by the Board, delegating such responsibility to associates and subordinates as deemed desirable;
  3. Attends all meetings of the Board and takes part in the deliberations, except those concerned with his/her own contract status, but does not vote;
  4. Assists the Board in reaching sound judgments, establishing policies and approving those matters which the law requires the Board to approve; places before the Board necessary and helpful facts, comparisons, investigations, information and reports and makes available the personal advice on special or technical matters by those persons who are qualified to furnish it;
  5. Implements and interprets Board policies;
  6. Recommends the appointment, renewal, nonrenewal, extension, nonextension, discharge and/or suspension of licensed employees of the district as provided by law and Board policies, and the employee’s collective bargaining agreement, as applicable, with such recommendations reported to the Board;
  7. Assigns or transfers licensed employees as provided by state law, Board policies, collective bargaining agreements and meet and confer agreements, as applicable;
  8. Appoints, assigns, transfers, promotes, demotes or discharges classified and nonrepresented employees as provided by state law, Board policies, collective bargaining agreements and meet and confer agreements, as applicable;
  9. Directs the professional supervisory staff in visits to the schools under his/her charge; through this staff, directs, assigns and assists teachers and all other educational employees in the performance of their duties; classifies, assigns and controls the promotion of students; and performs such other duties as the Board determines;
  10. Directs the work of the professional staff in evaluating curriculum and instructional materials and, upon the basis of such study, makes recommendations to the Board;
  11. Supervises the establishment or modification of attendance and transportation area boundaries subject to Board approval;
  12. Directs the preparation of a budget showing the estimated receipts and disbursements necessary to cover the needs of the district for the ensuing budget period and submits this estimate to the Board in accordance with law;
  13. Approves and directs, in accordance with law and Board regulations, purchases and expenditures, within the limits of the budget;
  14. Exercises leadership in directing studies of sites and buildings, considering the population trend and the educational and cultural needs of the district, to ensure timely decisions by the Board and electorate regarding construction and renovation projects;
  15. Represents the district in dealings with other school systems, social institutions, business firms, government agencies and the general public;
  16. Keeps the public informed about current educational practices, educational trends and the practices and problems in the district.

The superintendent will not engage in, or have financial interest in, any activity that raises a reasonable question of a conflict of interest.

The specific enumeration of the superintendent’s duties as detailed above will not act to limit the broad authority and responsibility of the office.


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