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Beaverton School District
Beaverton School District

Beaverton Schools

CHA - Development of Administrative Regulations

Code: CHA
Adopted: 5/15/17

The Board delegates to the superintendent the function of specifying required actions and designing detailed arrangements to operate the district in accordance with Board policy.  These detailed arrangements constitute the regulations governing the district.

The Board will adopt regulations when state and federal laws require the Board to do so.

The Board reserves the right to review all administrative regulations and procedures, and may suggest revision when in the Board’s judgment, they are inconsistent with policies and administrative regulations set by the Board. 

Board members will receive copies of all new or revised administrative regulations.  Students and staff will be advised of all regulations affecting them.


Legal Reference(s):

ORS 332.505

OAR 581-022-2305
OAR 581-022-2405

Cross Reference(s):
BFCA - Administrative Regulations (AR)