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DE/DEB/DEC - Revenues from Private, State and Federal Sources

Readopted:  5/15/17
Adopted: 3/10/97
Orig. Code(s): DE/DEB/DEC

The Board may authorize, accept and use private, state or federal funds available to the district to carry out district educational programs.  The district, consistent with Board policy, will comply with all regulations and procedures required for receiving and using such funds.

Funding Proposals and Grants
The Board directs the superintendent or designee to pursue outside funding recognizing the obligations, expectations or encumbrances which will exist when the grant or other outside funding ceases.

The district shall pursue federal or state grants-in-aid that will assist the district in meeting adopted goals and objectives of the curriculum or in creating facilities or in purchasing equipment.

In the event an opportunity arises to submit a grant proposal which needs Board approval and there is insufficient time to place it before the Board, the superintendent is authorized to use his/her judgment in approving it for submission.  The superintendent will share the grant proposal with the Board at its next regular meeting.  The Board reserves the right to reject funds associated with any grant which has been approved.


Legal Reference(s):
ORS 294.305 to 294.565
ORS 332.107