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Beaverton School District

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EBAD - Air Quality

Code: EBAD
Adopted: 6/22/09
Revised/Readopted: 6/12/17 
Orig. Code(s): EBAD

The Board recognizes that a safe and healthy school environment is important in contributing to the health of students and adults.  Clean air is essential to creating a healthy learning environment for students to participate in the educational process.

Unnecessary vehicle idling emits pollutants, wastes fuel and wastes financial resources.  Therefore, a goal of the Board is to eliminate unnecessary idling by all district vehicles, and to establish a way to minimize this practice (unnecessary idling) in all vehicles on district property.

The Board and the district will endeavor to maintain good air quality in all of the district buildings.  The superintendent or designee, will inspect district buildings for reported indoor air quality concerns which include but are not limited to mold, pollutants, lead and poor ventilation.  When problems are identified, the superintendent or designee, will take appropriate steps to address and solve them.

The district’s goal is to improve indoor air quality during new construction and while making repairs, renovations and maintenance to existing facilities.  When reviewing bids of this nature, consideration will be given to those contractors who incorporate good indoor air quality into their design plans.


Legal Reference(s):
ORS 332.107
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