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GCQAB - Tutoring for Pay

Code:  GCQAB
Readopted:  9/25/17
Adopted:  3/10/97
Orig. Code(s):  GCQAB
Private Tutor
The district provides instructional services for all students in the basic areas of mathematics and the communication skills.  Recognizing, however, that some students require more special or individual attention than others, special education programs have been assigned to each elementary, middle and senior high school to assist eligible students with special learning needs and to act as a resource to the classroom teachers who work with the students with learning disabilities.  In some cases, community volunteers may be recruited and trained by the learning disability teacher to provide special assistance.

The district is aware that some parents wish to provide additional help beyond that which the district is providing in answering the special needs of individual students.  This help may take the form of a private tutor hired by the parents.

Private tutors will not be allowed to provide their services to students in the school buildings during the time school is in session.  Such activities shall take place before or after the regular school day.  The principal may, at his/her discretion, excuse a student during the school day to work with a private tutor off school property.

The Human Resource office will keep a list of tutors who have applied to the district as being in private practice.  This list will be kept on file and will be available to any parent who so request without the district making judgment on the quality of the services offered.  Also, the district will not be held responsible for the competency of the individual so employed, since the parent shall be the sole determinant as to the need and use of the tutorial service.

The district will provide any parents who so request with a current assessment of the level of functioning of their student.

A teacher shall not tutor for remuneration a student assigned to his/her class.  This is in accordance with Board policy.


Legal Reference(s):
ORS 244.010
ORS 332.505

Cross Reference(s):
GBC - Staff Ethics
GBCA - Staff Religious Dress