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IGBBA - Identification - Talented and Gifted Students**

Code:  IGBBA
Readopted:  2/26/18, 4/24/23
Adopted:  6/07/11
Orig. Code(s):  IGBBA

The district is committed to educational programs that recognize and service the unique needs of talented and/or intellectually gifted students.  In order to serve academically talented and gifted (“TAG”) students in grades K-12, the District directs the superintendent or designee (after due consideration of the input of staff, parents and the community) to establish a written identification process. 

This process shall include as a minimum:

1.       Use of evidence-based practices that include a variety of tools and procedures to determine if a student demonstrates a pattern of exceptional performance and/or achievement that is relevant to the identification of TAG students under ORS 343.395.

2.       Collection and use of multiple modes and methods of qualitative and quantitative evidence to allow appropriate members of a student’s identification team to make a determination about the identification and eligibility of the students for TAG services, supports and/or programs; with no single test or piece of evidence eliminating a student from eligibility.

3.       Use of methods and practices that minimize or seek to eliminate the effects of bias in assessment and identification of students from historically underrepresented populations including, but not limited to:

          a.       Students who are racially/ethnically diverse;
          b.       Students experiencing disability;
          c.       Students who are culturally and/or linguistically diverse;
          d.       Students experiencing poverty; and
          e.       Students experiencing high mobility.

4.       Incorporate assessments, tools and procedures that will inform the development of an appropriate plan of instruction for students who are identified as TAG and describe how information from the assessments, tools and procedures used in the identification for TAG students will be used to support development of the plan of instruction.

5.       Identify how the educational record under ORS 326.565 of the student being considered will document and reflect the record of the team’s decision and procedures and data used by the team to make the decision.

The district will provide professional development for staff assigned the responsibility for identification of talented and gifted students.

The identification team may use sources of evidence described in OAR 581-022-2325(3) to provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate a pattern of preponderance of evidence of talent or giftedness. 

Academic evidence reviewed shall align to the full depth, breadth, and complexity of Oregon’s content standards and benchmarks.  Standardized assessments used for academic/achievement-based identification shall include technical documentation demonstrating alignment or documentation of intended use for the purpose of TAG identification.  Standardized assessments used for intellectually gifted identification shall include technical documentation demonstrating alignment to research-based best practices inclusive of students from underrepresented populations.

When a student is identified as TAG, the district shall inform the parents of the programs and services available to the student and provide an opportunity for parents to provide input to, and discuss TAG instruction proposed for their student.  The instruction provided shall be designed to accommodate the student’s assessed levels of learning and accelerated rates of learning.  Parents may request the withdrawal of their student from TAG at any time.

If a parent is dissatisfied with the identification process or placement of their student, they may submit an appeal through Board policy KL – Public Complaints and begin at Step 2 with the superintendent, or designee.

After exhausting the district’s appeal procedure and receiving the district’s final decision, a parent may appeal the decision to the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction under Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 581-002-0001 – 581-002-0023. The district shall provide a copy of the OARs upon request.


Legal Reference(s):
ORS 343.395
ORS 343.407

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