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JGEA - Alternative Education Programs Related to Expulsion**

Code:  JGEA
Adopted:  5/15/18

Prior to a student leaving school or a student’s expulsion, unless the expulsion is for a weapons policy violation, the district will propose in writing to the student or student’s parent appropriate, accessible educational alternatives as determined by the district.  Such alternative education program(s) will consist of instruction or instruction combined with counseling.

The proposal of potential alternative education programs will be hand-delivered or sent by certified mail to assure that the parent receives it prior to the time of an actual expulsion or leaving school.

Appropriate accessible alternative education programs may be either public or private (nonsectarian).  Programs may be provided by the district as a separate school, evening classes or tutorial instruction.  Homebound instruction could be considered an appropriate alternative.

The district shall pay the actual cost of the district-proposed alternative education program or an amount equal to 80 percent of the district’s estimated current year’s average per student net operating expenditure, whichever is less.  The district shall provide or pay for transportation.

If a parent receives an exemption on a semi-annual basis to withdraw a student age 16 or 17, the district has no obligation to pay for an alternative education program.

If a student is not successful in the alternative education program selected or the alternative education programs offered are not accepted by the student and/or parent, there is no obligation to propose or fund other alternatives.


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Cross Reference(s):

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