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KB - Public Communications Program

Code:  KB
Revised/Readopted:  12/11/17
Adopted:  6/04/12
Orig. Code(s):  KB

The Board believes that public education can be improved, resulting in increased instructional benefits for students, by a strong communications program.  This belief includes the following principles;

  1. The communications program should be a planned, systematic, two-way process of communication between the district and its internal/external publics;
  2. The communications program should be multi-faceted and should include a variety of media to efficiently and effectively inform all citizens of the district;
  3. Public engagement and communications, to be effective, must include a planned program with involvement and feedback;
  4. Communications must be internal as well as external and must stress the dissemination of factual, objective and realistic data about the district;
  5. Public communications must be dynamic and sensitive to change as determined by events and evaluation of the program.

Legal Reference(s):

ORS 332.107