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Dear Beaverton Community:

We are writing once again to thank you for your voice in Salem, update you on what the current funding proposal means for Beaverton, and encourage you to continue fighting for additional K-12 funding.  

The funding level on the table is $7.255 billion, which is inadequate for school districts across the state.  K-12 advocates (teachers, parents, and administrators) have been pushing for $7.85 billion which would (1) give students a better learning environment through smaller class sizes and (2) put our schools on a 10-year track to reach the national average of school days. We ask for only 1/10 of the additional days necessary to get to the U.S. average - a modest request that falls far short of the support our students deserve. Disappointingly, many of our legislators are saying "no" to both adequate K-12 funding and the 10-year trajectory for all Oregon students.

In Beaverton, we will be able to avoid budget cuts next year, in large part due to the Local Option Levy which Beaverton voters generously approved in 2013.  We also have some temporary savings due to lower insurance, retirement and salary costs, and we will direct these and any additional funds toward reducing large class sizes and increasing instruction time.

Education in Oregon, however, cannot be based on stop-gaps or local patronage.    It must be sustainable and stable, and it must be a state-wide, fundamental imperative. Please continue to join voices with school boards and communities throughout Oregon to improve and invest in K-12 Education.   

Please write your legislators again today.  Thank you for your continued support.   


Mary VanderWeele, Anne Bryan, Linda Degman, Susan Greenberg, Jeff Hicks, LeeAnnDonna Tyner