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​School Board Goals

Updated August 28, 2017

The Beaverton District School Board annually reviews district progress and sets Board goals to further its work on behalf of students. For the 2017 - 2018 school year, the Board outlined the following goals and assignments, aligned to the District Pillars of Learning.

WE Expect Excellence

1. Work with OSBA Policy Team and district staff to ensure policies reflect current state law and the District Strategic Plan

Policy Subcommittee
2. Document and implement Strategic Plan measures and reporting process with attention to both academic achievement and operational excellence
Committee of the Whole

WE Innovate

1. Improve communication and relationships with local government organizations

 Committee of the Whole

2. Support bond program projects and long-range facility planning efforts, including middle school attendance areas and capacity planning

Committee of the Whole

WE Collaborate

1. Advocacy
  • Encourage purposeful and inclusive community engagement, particularly for underserved communities
  • Identify and promote Board legislative platform
Advocacy Subcommittee
2. Lead successful Local Option campaign
Local Option Subcommittee
WE Embrace Equity
1. Oversee policy implementation with special attention to policies for grading and reporting, athletic participation, and Title IX compliance
Committee of the Whole
2.Provide leadership for multiyear financial plan and budget process to align with the Strategic Plan
Planning Subcommittee

Committee Assignments:

Advocacy Subcommittee:

LeeAnn Larsen, Donna Tyner*

Local Option Subcommittee:

Tom Colett, Susan Greenberg, Becky Tymchuk*

Planning Subcommittee:

Anne Bryan, Eric Simpson*

Policy Subcommittee:

Anne Bryan, Becky Tymchuk*

*Indicates subcommittee chair assignment

​Special Assignments:

Bond Accountability Committee –Eric Simpson

Student Advisory Committee – Tom Colett, Becky Tymchukˆ

BEF Liaison – Donna Tyner

OSBA Minority Caucus Acting Chair – Donna Tyner

OSBA Board of Directors – LeeAnn Larsen

OSBA LPC – Becky Tymchuk

ELL Curriculum Team – Susan Greenberg

Health Curriculum Team – LeeAnn Larsen

Audit Committee – Anne Bryan, Eric Simpson

​ˆIndicates Board Member transitioning out of the assignment during the school year​