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Beaverton Student Advisory Committee

The Beaverton School Board believes that student perspectives provide important information as they lead and make decisions for the Beaverton School District. The Beaverton Student Advisory Committee (BSAC) will serve as one connection for students to be informed and have their voices heard within our District. A school board liaison and the superintendent (or designee) will support the student advisory committee work. The following points outline the specifics of the BSAC:

BSAC Charter
2017-2018 Student Advisory Committee


  • To provide significant input and ideas into key district issues/decisions.
  • To be an advisory group to the school board and the superintendent.
  • To represent all of the students in the district and their respective schools.
  • The school board intends that the educational experience for the members of the BSAC are challenging, valuable and allow the students to contribute to the effective operation of the district

Meeting Structure and Responsibility:

  • The BSAC will meet regularly during the year - a minimum of once a month, 2-3 hours in length.
  • The School Board and full student advisory committee will meet once or twice a year in joint meetings.
  • Members will develop and design annual goals with the superintendent and committee board liaisons(s) and present these to the school board.
  • The student leadership team will run the committee meetings and develop a meeting schedule for the upcoming year.
  • The BSAC will select a president, vice-president and secretary to create the BSAC Leadership Team.
  • The BSAC secretary will compile meeting minutes for delivery at school board meetings.
  • The School Board recommends that the Student Leadership Team (President, VP, Secretary):
    • Attend all regular meetings of the school board; and, upon invitation by the Board Chair, attend work sessions of the school board;
    • Review all materials prior to board meetings
    • Provide brief updates to the board re: matters related to the BSAC and district students
Student Advisory Committee LIstening Session - Wednesday, December 10, 2014