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Beaverton Student Advisory Committee

The Beaverton School Board believes that student perspectives provide important information as they lead and make decisions for the Beaverton School District. The Beaverton Student Advisory Committee (BSAC) will serve as one connection for students to be informed and have their voices heard within our District. A school board liaison and the superintendent (or designee) will support the student advisory committee work. The following points outline the specifics of the BSAC:

BSAC Charter
Responsibilities & Meeting Structure
2018-2019 Student Advisory Committee

Nathaniel Hernandez
Aloha High School

Aisha Osman
Aloha High School

Camila Mejia
Beaverton High School

Nabila Hersi
Beaverton High School

Megan Cassidy
Mountainside High School

Sal Najjar
Mountainside High School

Aaron Burke
Southridge High School

Silvia Huitzil
Southridge High School

Maggie Bick
Sunset High School

Ritika Saripalli
Sunset High School

Hoda Aboueich
Westview High School

Rushi Raj Surampudi
Westview High School

Heidi Chuc Garcia

​Rebecca Berky
Early College High School

Salim Nuri
Health & Science School

Gabriel Kraemer

Sophia Davis

Student Advisory Committee LIstening Session - Wednesday, December 10, 2014