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As school board members, we know that the choices made this legislative session are critical for Oregon, our public education system, and the future of our children. Lawmakers in Salem have only a few weeks left to balance the state budget, while facing a $1.4 billion budget deficit. The looming question is whether they will make cuts to education, health care, and other services that families in Beaverton and around the state depend on, or will they work to manage costs and raise revenue to fill the budget hole?

We know that education is Oregonians' number one priority and that cutting school budgets will not improve our children's opportunities for success. Oregon schools already have some of the largest class sizes and lowest graduation rates in the country. Fortunately, our State Senator Mark Hass is leading the way on tax reform efforts and has proposed several innovative solutions. The Beaverton School Board and Superintendent Grotting have been working with our community and our employee groups to advocate for increased school funding.

But our work is not enough. It's time to fix our revenue system and cost structure so we can invest in our kids, our schools, our future. Make your voice heard with letters, emails, phone calls, and spread the word with every tool at our disposal. Tell your friends that our legislators need to hear from everyone, in every corner of our state. You can do this easily through the website:

Join us in leaving no doubt that we want a bright future for all children. The best way to ensure that is through stable and adequate education funding.


The Beaverton School Board

Anne Bryan, Chair

Tom Colett

Susan Greenberg

LeeAnn Larsen

Eric Simpson

Becky Tymchuk, Vice Chair

Donna Tyner