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At its April 27, 2015 meeting, the Beaverton School Board approved changes to Supplemental Transportation Plans, eliminating bus transportation for more than 1000 students beginning September, 2015.

Oregon law provides transportation funding for students who travel more than one mile to school for elementary students and 1.5 miles for secondary students. In addition, the law reimburses districts to transport students who live closer to their schools but don’t have a safe pedestrian route.

Recent road and pedestrian network improvements created more safe routes to school and required the Board to approve changes to the Supplemental Transportation Plans. To evaluate the safety of the proposed walking routes, district staff considered a variety of factors including: volume of traffic, speed of traffic, visibility distance, walking conditions, crossing conditions (where applicable), crossing assistance (guards, pedestrian signals, etc.) and the age of the students. A Supplemental Plan Committee also reviewed and approved the recommendation; this committee included members from Washington County Land Use, Washington County Safe Routes to School, the BSD Public Safety Office, BSD Transportation, the City of Beaverton traffic team, Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation Department, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Safe Routes to School Representative, who is independent of Washington County.

The Board encourages Washington County and the City of Beaverton to continue to improve roads so that more students may safely walk to school.