BFC - Adoption and Revision of Policies

Code: BFC
Readopted:  4/24/17
Adopted: 3/12/12
Orig. Code(s): BFC

New school board policies and suggested changes to or repeal of existing policies, will be adopted, by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Board members at a regular or special meeting.

Proposed policies or policy changes and repeal of existing policies will be presented in writing for consideration by the Board.

To permit time for studying all new policies or amendments to policies and to provide an opportunity for interested parties to react, proposed policies or amendments will be processed in the following sequence:

  1. First reading of a proposed policy (or policies): This is a discussion item on the agenda and no action is required by the Board.  A first reading announces that a new policy, a revision of an existing policy or consideration to rescind a policy, is being considered by the Board.  Comments, questions, concerns and recommended edits should be discussed at the Board meeting.  Any organization which represents employees of the district shall be furnished a copy of personnel policies and revisions as they are made.
  2. Second reading/Adoption of a proposed policy (or policies): This is an action by the Board and may be placed on the consent agenda.  Any revisions to a policy from the first reading will not require the policy go through an additional reading, except as the Board determines that the revision(s) need(s) further study and an additional reading would be advantageous.

When, in the best interest of the district, immediate adoption of a proposed policy is necessary, the Board may adopt such policy at the first meeting in which it is presented.

Policies and amendments adopted by the Board will be attached to, and made a part of, the minutes of the meeting at which they are adopted as well as posted to the district internet website.

The operation of any single policy, section or sections of policies, not established by law or specifically listed in a current labor document, may be temporarily suspended by a majority vote of the Board at a regular or special meeting.


Legal Reference(s):

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Cross Reference(s):

BCE - Board Committees