CBG - Evaluation of the Superintendent

Code: CBG
Readopted:  5/15/17
Adopted: 5/18/15
Orig. Code(s): CBG

The Board will formally evaluate the superintendent’s job performance, at least once each year.  The evaluation will be based on achievement measured against district performance standards and progress in attaining the goals for the year established by the superintendent and/or the Board.  The evaluation process provides the public with transparent information about the superintendent’s performance and serves as a constructive guide for the superintendent to continually improve his or her performance.

The Board chair shall solicit individual Board member input in determining the attainment of the goals and measuring performance.  Board members will gather feedback from district stakeholders to inform their evaluation.  Results of the evaluation will be written, shared with the superintendent by the Board chair and may be discussed in an executive session, unless the superintendent requests a session open to the public.

Any time the superintendent’s performance is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the Board will notify the superintendent in writing of specific areas to be remedied and the superintendent will be given an opportunity to correct the problem(s).  If performance continues to be unsatisfactory, the Board may dismiss the superintendent pursuant to Board policy, the employment contract with the superintendent and state law and rules.


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