CCG - Licensed Evaluation - Administrators

Code: CCG
Readopted:  5/15/17
Adopted: 6/03/13
Orig. Code(s): CCG

Each licensed administrator will be evaluated annually by his/her immediate supervisor.

The purpose of administrator evaluations is to assist administrators to develop and strengthen their professional abilities, to improve the instructional program and management of the school system and for supervisors to make recommendations regarding their employment and/or salary status.

Administrators’ evaluations shall be designed to promote the district’s Strategic Plan.  The evaluations shall be customized based on collaborative efforts, incorporate performance rubrics aligned with those provided by the State Board of Education and rely on multiple measures of performance.  They also shall include the educational leadership-administrator standards[1] adopted by the State Board of Education.

The standards include:

  1. Visionary leadership;
  2. Instructional improvement;
  3. Effective management;
  4. Inclusive practice;
  5. Ethical leadership; and
  6. Socio-political context.

Evaluations must attempt to:

Strengthen the knowledge, skills, disposition and administrative practices of administrators;

  1. Refine the support, assistance and professional growth opportunities offered to an administrator, based on the individual needs of the administrator and the needs of the school and district;
  2. Allow the administrator to establish a set of administrative practices and student learning objectives that are based on the individual circumstances of the administrator;
  3. Establish a formative growth process for each administrator that supports professional learning and collaboration with other administrators; and
  4. Use evaluation methods and professional development, support and other activities that are based on curricular standards and are targeted to the needs of the administrator.

The administrative evaluation system will also include provisions for initiating dismissal and contract nonextension procedures if the need for such procedures is indicated.


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[1]These standards are aligned with the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) and the Educational Leadership Constituents Council (ELCC) standards for Education Leadership.