CH - Policy Implementation

Code: CH
Readopted:  5/15/17
Adopted: 3/10/97
Orig. Code(s): CH

The superintendent is responsible for implementing Board policies and for interpreting them to staff, students and the public.  Other administrators share in this responsibility.

Many of the Board’s policies require implementing administrative regulations.  The superintendent will develop these regulations, in consultation with principals, staff members and other persons and groups as appropriate.

Policies officially adopted by the Board will be included in the School Board Policy Manual.   Staff, student and parent handbooks also will be used for disseminating policies and regulations to persons directly affected by them.  Each school shall provide access to personnel policies in the library and in the school’s office.  Each employee will be specifically notified of the existence and availability of these personnel policies.

Principals are authorized to establish rules and procedures for the staff and student bodies of their schools as long as these rules and procedures are consistent with policies and regulations established by the Board and superintendent.


Legal Reference(s):

ORS 332.505

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Cross Reference(s):
BFD - Board Policy Implementation