EBBC - Life-Sustaining Emergency Care

Code: EBBC
Readopted:  6/12/17
Adopted: 2/09/98
Orig. Code(s): EBBC

The Board recognizes its obligation under state and federal law to make educational services available to students of legal age, including reasonable accommodations that permit students with disabilities access to special education and supportive services.

Reasonable accommodation includes the provision of life-sustaining emergency care.

A refusal to provide life-sustaining emergency care to a student in need of such care would be a denial of educational services.  No employee of the district shall comply with any directive from parents or others, written or verbal, that life-sustaining emergency care be withheld from a student in need of such care while under the control and supervision of district staff.

For purposes of this policy, “life-sustaining emergency care” means any procedure or intervention applied by appropriately trained district staff that may prevent a student from dying who, without such procedure or intervention, faces a risk of imminent death.  Examples of life-sustaining emergency care may include: efforts to stop bleeding, unblocking airways and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

In a life-threatening situation, district staff will dial 911 for paramedic assistance and provide life-sustaining emergency care to any student requiring it in order to sustain life until relieved by paramedics or other appropriate medical personnel.


Legal Reference(s):

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