FB - Facilities Planning

Code: FB
Adopted: 10/30/17

The Board will gather and analyze appropriate data to evaluate the district’s long-range facility needs as described in the district facility plan.  Such data will include, but not be limited to, enrollment projections, anticipated changes in the instructional program, analysis of community development plans, analysis of sites and evaluation of present facilities.

The purchase or sale of all real property must have the prior approval of the Board.

Whenever possible, the district should acquire sites in advance of immediate need.  The determination to acquire a site will be based upon demographic data, enrollment projections, long-range facility planning and availability and cost of land.

Assignment of portable classrooms to a school will depend upon the number of students enrolled over the permanent and/or programmatic capacity of the school, projections for continued growth in enrollment and availability of portable classrooms.  Portable classrooms may also be assigned for special needs such as remodeling or new construction in progress and pilot programs.  Enrollment needs will be given first priority.

The district facility plan will be regularly updated.  The participation of staff, parents and the community in the development of the district facility plan will be solicited.


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