FEA - Capital Improvement - Educational Program

Code: FEA
Adopted: 10/30/17

To ensure all new and remodeled facilities are designed to best implement the educational program, the superintendent will provide for detailed educational specifications prior to design and construction of new buildings or renovation of existing buildings.  These specifications will include descriptions of:

  1. All activities that will take place in the building;
  2. The instructional program to be housed in the building;
  3. Specific architectural characteristics desired;
  4. The facilities needed, equipment requirements as provided by law, space relationships to other facility elements and ready accessibility and usability by persons with disabilities;
  5. Pertinent budget and other governing factors.

The preparation of educational specifications serves a two-fold purpose:

  1. To encourage staff and community input on the needs, desires and objectives of the educational program to be conducted within the proposed new building; and
  2. To organize this information in a manner that can be easily and clearly interpreted by an architect.

The Board, superintendent, staff, student and citizen representatives and the architect should be involved in developing educational specifications.  Consultants may be used when deemed necessary by the superintendent and the Board.


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