FL - Retirement of Facilities

Code: FL
Readopted:  5/14/18
Adopted: 3/10/97  
Orig. Code(s): FL

The district will maintain current information concerning student enrollment, building capacity, residential development and the cost of operating facilities.  The information will serve as the basis for determining trends and making projections of future enrollments and costs.  If projections indicate a substantial and continuing enrollment decline in an area of the district, the superintendent or designee will develop a plan of action.  The plan may include a recommendation to close one or more schools.

The Board may take immediate action to close a school to protect the health and safety of students and staff and other unforeseen circumstances.

The Board shall determine whether to close a school and whether a citizens’ committee should be appointed for the purpose of recommending which particular school(s) to close.  If a citizens’ committee is appointed, the Board will be responsible for making the appointments.  The committee will be a Board advisory committee, and the establishment of such committee will be in accordance with Board policy BCF - Advisory Committees to the Board.

Criteria for determining the most appropriate school to close will include, but may not be limited to, demographic projections, economics of operation, physical condition of the building and safety factors.

When it is decided a school is to be closed, time should be allowed to communicate with the public, plan and carry out the attendance boundary changes, reassign students and staff and coordinate activities among the schools involved.

A school closed for regular school purposes should be considered for alternative uses or sale.


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