GBG - Staff Participation in Political Activities

Code:  GBG
Revised/Readopted:  10/30/17

Employees may exercise their right to participate fully in affairs of public interest on a local, county, state and national level on the same basis as any individual in a comparable position in public or private employment and within the law.

All district employees are privileged within the limitations imposed by state and federal laws and regulations to choose any side of a particular issue and to support their viewpoints as they desire by vote, discussion or persuading others.  Such discussion and persuasion, however, will not be carried on during the performance of district duties, except in open discussion during classroom lessons that consider various candidates for a particular office or various sides of a particular political or civil issue.

On all controversial issues (See Board policy INB - Studying Controversial Issues), employees must designate that the viewpoints they represent on the issues are personal and are not to be interpreted as the district’s official viewpoint.

No employee will use district facilities, equipment or supplies in connection with his/her campaigning, nor will he/she use any time during the working day for campaign purposes.


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Cross Reference(s):
INB - Studying Controversial Issues