GCPB/GDPB - Resignation of Staff

Revised/Readopted:  9/25/17
Adopted:  2/9/98
Orig. Code(s): GCPB/GDPB

A licensed staff member who wishes to resign from his/her position with the district must give written notice at least 60 days prior to the date he/she wishes to leave district employment.  The Board authorizes the superintendent and designees to accept such employee resignations, including the right to waive the 60-day notice period required of licensed staff to conform to Oregon Revised Statutes.[1]

Where less than a 60-day notice is given, the Board may request the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission to discipline the licensee.  Exceptions due to emergency or other extenuating circumstances may be considered by the Board.

The superintendent and designees are authorized to accept resignations of classified employees effective the day they are received.[2]

Resignations received from licensed personnel will be submitted as information items to the Board in regularly scheduled meetings.


Legal Reference(s):

ORS 342.545
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ORS 652.140
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Pierce v. Douglas County Sch. Dist., 297 Or. 363 (1984).

[1]Those designated to accept licensed resignations are the deputy superintendent, the human resources officer and administrator of certificated personnel.

[2]Classified resignations can be accepted by the deputy superintendent, the human resource officer, and administrator of classified personnel.