IGBAK - Special Education - Public Availability of State Application

Code:   IGBAK
Revised/Readopted:  2/26/18
Adopted:  4/07/08
Orig. Code(s):  IGBAK

The superintendent will be responsible for ensuring that the district’s applications, evaluations, periodic program plans, reports and all other documents relating to the district's eligibility under the Individuals with Disabilities education Act are available for public inspection, review and comment.

  1. In complying with this requirement, the district does not release or make public personally identifiable information.
  2. Information available for public review includes, but is not limited to:

a.  How the district implements policies, procedures and programs for special
     education, consistent with state and federal requirements;

b.  Performance of students with disabilities on statewide assessments;

c.  Results of the state’s general supervision and monitoring of district programs for
     special education, including the timeliness and accuracy of required data

d.  District achievement of performance targets established in the State Performance
     Plan (SPP);

e.  Financial information related to revenue and expenditures for students with
     disabilities, including but not limited to, district information about:

(1)   Identifying the excess costs of educating students with disabilities;

(2)   Maintaining the financial support for programs and services for students
       with disabilities (Maintenance of Effort (MOE));

(3)   Describing available schoolwide programs under Title I of the Elementary
        and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) or the Every Student Succeeds
        Act (ESSA);

(4)   Documenting the annual district application for IDEA funds; and

(5)   Reporting of official audits, complaints and due process hearings.

f.   District dispute resolution information, including the resolution of state complaints
     and due process hearings.


Legal Reference(s):

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