IGBBA - Identification - Talented and Gifted Students**

Code:  IGBBA
Revised/Readopted:  2/26/18
Adopted:  6/07/11
Orig. Code(s):  IGBBA

The district is committed to educational programs that recognize and service the unique needs of talented and/or intellectually gifted students.  In order to serve academically talented and intellectually gifted students in grades K-12, the Board directs the superintendent (after due consideration of the input of staff, parents and the community) to establish a written identification process.  This process shall include as a minimum:

1.  Behavioral, learning and/or performance information;

2.  A nationally standardized, validated intellectual ability test for assistance in identifying
     intellectually gifted students;

3.  A nationally standardized academic achievement test for assistance in identifying
     academically talented students or statewide assessments.

Identified students shall score at or above the 97th percentile on a nationally standardized test.  The district shall identify other students who demonstrate the potential to perform at the eligibility criteria.

A team shall make the final decisions on the identification of students using the information collected.  No single test, measure or score shall be the sole criterion.  A record of the team’s decision, and the data used by the team to make the decision, shall become part of the education record for each student considered.

The district shall strive to identify all talented and/or intellectually gifted students.

The process also will provide for parent notification of and permission for testing, notification of decisions to parents and classroom teachers, and an appeals procedure.


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