JED - Student Attendance**

Code:  JED
Readopted:  5/14/18
Orig. Code(s):  JE, JED

The Board considers regular school attendance essential for educational success.  All students are expected to attend school as required by law and by Board policy.

The classroom teacher is responsible for maintaining and reporting accurate student attendance records to satisfy district requirements and to record that all students have arrived safely to school.

The school principal will be responsible for assessing and acting upon parental requests for students to be excused.

The principal has the authority to excuse students for absences due to illness, educational/occupational interviews, quarantine, bereavement or serious illness in the family, inclement weather, religious instruction or emergencies.  Physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists and similar professionals may request permission for students’ excused absences.

A student who is excused must still fulfill the school’s requirements.

Each school shall notify parents/guardians by the end of the school day if their child has an unplanned absence.  The notification will be either in person, by telephone or another method identified in writing by the parent/guardian.  If the parent/guardian cannot be notified by the above methods, a message shall be left, if possible.


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