JFC - Student Conduct**

Code:  JFC
Readopted:  5/14/18
Adopted:  4/25/16
Orig. Code(s):  JFC/JG

The district is committed to providing safe and effective learning environments where all students experience success.  The quality of education depends on the responsibilities of students, as well as the quality of relationships among students, families, teachers, administrators and other school personnel.

Recognizing that student discipline practices are closely related to student achievement, the district supports school practices that:

  1. Provide consistency, fairness, unbiased and porportionate interventions and consequences across all schools in the district;
  2. Address disparities in the application of discipline by assuring reasonable interventions and consequences across all racial and ethnic groups, by gender, and among those with disabilities and other protected classes;
  3. Define and communicate expectations for student behavior;
  4. Balance the needs of the student, the needs of those directly affected by a student’s behavior, and the needs of the overall school community; and
  5. Engage parents/guardians in the disciplinary process.

The district’s student discipline philosophy is also based upon the need for an effective communication system that promotes open discussion and resolution of issues.

Discipline methods and procedures shall be fair, consistent and unbiased.  The objectives of disciplining any student must be to help the student develop the self-discipline necessary to remain in school and to function successfully in the educational and social environment, realize the responsibility of one’s actions and maintain a productive learning environment.

A student code of conduct, developed under the leadership of the district administration, and in cooperation with staff, will be available electronically, outlining student conduct expectations and possible disciplinary actions that are age-appropriate, commensurate with the behavior, and to the extent practicable, research-based.

Students are expected to comply with the district’s written rules and/or policies, submit to the authority of district staff as granted by law, and conduct themselves in an orderly manner at school during the school day or during school sponsored activities.  This expectation applies to students en route to and from school and district-sponsored activities.

A student whose conduct is seriously detrimental to the school’s best interests may be excluded from school.

The district will ensure careful consideration of the rights and needs of the individual concerned, as well as the best interests of other students and the school program as a whole.

The district will annually record and report expulsion data for conduct violations as required by the Oregon Department of Education.


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