JFE - Pregnant and Parenting Students

Code:  JFE
Readopted:  5/14/18
Adopted:  3/10/97
Orig. Code(s): JFE

A pregnant and parenting student shall be encouraged to continue with an educational program and to participate in all district -sponsored activities unless physically unable.  The district shall ensure that pregnant and parenting students receive special services as temporarily necessitated by their condition.

Neither pregnancy nor parenting constitute an exemption from Oregon compulsory attendance law.

No pregnant or parenting student shall be excluded from the public schools on the basis of pregnancy or parenthood.

The district shall, in considering and obtaining special services for pregnant and parenting students:

  1. Inform pregnant and parenting students and their parents of the availability of such services in the school district, education service district or in the community;
  2. Facilitate the provision of such services, including counseling, life skills and parenting education, child care, transportation, career development and health and nutrition services to pregnant and parenting students;
  3. Inform pregnant and parenting students and their parents of the availability of resources provided by other agencies, including health and social services;
  4. Provide educational programs and schedules that address the individual learning styles and needs of pregnant and parenting students;
  5. Develop individualized educational programs or services, or both, to address the needs of pregnant and parenting students when their educational needs cannot be met by the regularly provided school program.

The superintendent will develop procedures as necessary to ensure compliance with the provisions of state and federal law.


Legal Reference(s):

ORS 109.520
ORS 336.640

OAR 581-021-004