KK - Visitors to District Facilities**

Code:  KK
Revised/Readopted:  12/11/17
Adopted: 3/14/16
Orig. Code(s):  KK

The district believes that the involvement of parents and community members is vital to development of a better understanding of the district’s educational programs.  The district encourages parents and community members to visit the schools throughout the school year.  Such visitations should be encouraged, arranged and permitted within considerations for the requirements of the educational program and the orderly administration of the school and classroom.

“Visitors” are individuals whose participation is not ongoing or frequent.  Examples include visitors who come to school for a special event or performance or a grandparent who is in town who wishes to have lunch with their grandchild in the cafeteria.  In these and similar instances, a volunteer application and background check is not required.

Visitors are expected to follow all rules for visitors established by the schools and Board policy to assure that visitations do not disrupt the educational program.  Visitors must enter through the front entrance and check in at the main office.

While encouraging visitation, the district has a legitimate interest in avoiding disruption to the educational process, protecting the safety and welfare of students and staff and protecting the district’s facilities and equipment from misuse and vandalism.  The principal or his/her designee may exclude or restrict the access of a visitor from district property when in his/her opinion the presence of the visitor is disruptive to the educational environment and/or threatens students or staff.  A visitor who has been excluded will receive notice of the exclusion, including the district property or properties included and the duration of the exclusion, and may not enter the specified district property for a period of time designated by the notice.


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